Innovation Workshops

Leveraging on the HR innovation trends and ideas I share in this blog, I have been running HR innovation workshops for some time now, both for students and professionals. These workshops were born at the cross-road of two factors: my conviction that HRM needs to become much more innovative to face current and future organizational challenges, and the familiarization with fascinating innovation techniques, among others Design Thinking.

These are some examples of subjects treated in HR Design Thinking workshops I have run in the past:

  • HR role in change management: stakes and action plan
  • The future of RH: what impact on HR staff skills?
  • How to stand out in terms of Employer Branding/EVP in the current digital era?
  • Rebuilding from scratch our new joiner’s induction journey
  • Boosting employee engagement – a specific action plan
  • How can HR experts and HRBPs better work together?
  • Co-creating our new year’s HR Roadmap
  • How to convince Top Management of the need of a new Graduate Program?
  • Designing an intercultural awareness development program for managers

Furthermore, I have also run Innovation workshops in non-RH subjects, such as:

  • What is the vision of our organization for the coming 3 years?
  • How to better sell my start-up and its added-value to further raise money?
  • Managing for the first time: how to better empower my team?
  • Applying gamification to develop new products
  • How to reinvent libraries to fight current uberisation?
  • Creating tomorrow’s sustainable candy company